Haunted House?


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Haunted House?

Sometimes we become aware that we are sharing our home with those who have passed over. Most ‘spirits’ do no real harm and there are people who get rather fond of the spirit inhabitant and enjoy their presence. Indeed some tourist attractions here positively thrive on their haunted reputations. However you may wish to help extra residents in your home to move on.

The less psychically aware you are, the less likely you’ll ever pick up on spirits. Many people live alongside past residents of a dwelling & never really notice or are disturbed. However if you are sensitive you will probably become aware of a presence. If you have a stuck spirit in your house you may catch movement out of the corner of your eye, get a whiff of perfume, notice ‘cold spots’, maybe things move around or go missing, you hear footsteps, or 'things go bump in the night’. These can be signs of other types of activity too and sometimes have purely physical causes that can be rationalised away.

At the time of death the soul leaves the physical body, is greeted by loved ones that have passed over and travels back ‘home’ to the Light; well that is what happens in the vast majority of cases. For some the process goes awry. Maybe in life the person had a terror of ‘going to Hell or Purgatory’, especially if they were unkind or cruel in life, or maybe the loved ones didn’t manage to persuade the person to cross. Perhaps the death was sudden or violent and the soul was shocked & didn’t understand that the physical body had died.

For whatever reason it is clear that some spirits remain here in the physical realm and are in some way ‘stuck’. In which case Stewart Roper will move the spirit other to the other side of life with his spirit helpers..

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